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Pharmaceutical Capsule
These Pharmaceutical Capsules are available in accurate compositions to provide the best results with minimum side-effects. They are provided within the decided time-limit even in bulk quantities.
Pharmaceuticals Injectables
Safe, reliable and effective to use Pharmaceuticals Injectables are provided in bulk in high-quality packaging materials at affordable prices.   
Ivermectin Tablet
Clinically tested Ivermectin Tablets are available for treating certain parasitic roundworm infections and boosting the quality of life. They belong to the class of drugs of antihelmintics that work by killing parasites.
Azithromycin Tablet
Azithromycin Tablets are macrolide-type antibiotics suggested for treated serious infections (mycobacteria or MAC). They work by stopping the growth of bacteria.
Pegfilgrastim Injection
Pegfilgrastim Injections reduce the infection in people having cancer or are receiving chemotherapy. It is also given to the patients who have been exposed to harmful radiation. This medicine belongs to the class of medications of colony stimulating factors.
Permethrin Lotion
Permethrin Lotion belongs to the class of drugs known as pyrethrins. It is widely used to treat scabies, a heath condition caused by mites. It stops the infestation and irritation of the skin. It kills the mites and their eggs.
Abirapro Tablet
Abirapro Tablet is used for treating cancer of the prostate gland and varied other medical conditions. It is also used with certain other medicines to give 
Oxaliplatin Injection
Oxaliplatin Injection is used for treating advanced colon or rectal cancer. It is given with othre medications to prevent colon cancer. It belongs to the class of medications of platinum-containing antineoplastic agents that kill cancer cells.
Amoxycillin Tablet
Amoxycillin Tablet is an antibiotic widely used to treat infections caused by bacteria. It should be taken as per the suggested by doctors in same quantity.   
Ondansetron Tablet
Ondansetron Tablet can be given alone or with other medications for preventing nausea and vomiting. It used for treating nausea and vomiting after surgery.